Punching Machine : A Great Stress Buster


Though I have become a middle aged person I still like to play games both indoor and outdoor. Playing games can relieve us of stress and tension and can make us relaxed and refreshed. I went to a casino with my friend and I saw a range of games which can be played by inserting few dollar bills.

In that I saw a group of people waiting for their turn to play one of the games kept there. It was the boxing game which could be played using a punching machine. Since, I have a passion for boxing and who believes it to be the best stress buster, I too went and played that game.

The punching machine had a punching ball and by inserting different dollar bills of one, five, ten and twenty dollars we can choose the different difficulty levels and can play for more time. All I had to do was hit the boxing ball and knock it out. After my first punch I became addicted to it forever and found Punching Machine as A great Stress Buster.