Steps to play real money blackjack


The casino blackjack has some similarities to poker, although the component luck has increased participation. The game play procedure is simple and is the following for most versions (American and European):

The first thing is that the croupier (the dealer) or who represents the opponent of all, asks for the level of bets that each player is going to make, before seeing the first card.

After the betting step, 1 card is dealt face-up. Those considered under 8 are considered bad. Subsequently the second letter is distributed to all.
The dealer rolls one card from his position, and displays the other one that follows upside down.

The next thing is to ask the players if they are going to make more bets (double) depending on what they already have and the dealer’s card.
Some players may surrender or “plant”, in case they believe they can beat the dealer, or simply do not want to lose more than the bet.

Finally, the dealer deals the cards to those who continue playing with a double bet or not to bet, in case they want it that way.
At the end of several rounds, the winner of the game is discovered, depending on the betting limits. This game is simple.