Steps to play real money blackjack


The casino blackjack has some similarities to poker, although the component luck has increased participation. The game play procedure is simple and is the following for most versions (American and European):

The first thing is that the croupier (the dealer) or who represents the opponent of all, asks for the level of bets that each player is going to make, before seeing the first card.

After the betting step, 1 card is dealt face-up. Those considered under 8 are considered bad. Subsequently the second letter is distributed to all.
The dealer rolls one card from his position, and displays the other one that follows upside down.

The next thing is to ask the players if they are going to make more bets (double) depending on what they already have and the dealer’s card.
Some players may surrender or “plant”, in case they believe they can beat the dealer, or simply do not want to lose more than the bet.

Finally, the dealer deals the cards to those who continue playing with a double bet or not to bet, in case they want it that way.
At the end of several rounds, the winner of the game is discovered, depending on the betting limits. This game is simple.




In this short article, I will write an opinion on real money casino games spin-palace , one of the most well-known online poker rooms in the world, with a large following and excellent reputation. The topics to be explained about this particular website consist of the promotions they offer their players, the loyalty club, some of the plethora of games they offer, and accepted payment methods.

Spin Palace is one of the websites that offers money through the welcome bonuses, promotions that consist of a 100% first deposit bonus, a 25% bonus to the second deposit, and 30% to the third, with the bonus Possibility of obtaining up to a limit of 1000 $. In addition to this, there are events that are also awarded, such as special Sundays, which allow 100 free spins in the slots, and the promo of the anniversary bonus, which is obtained after the first year of having registered in that Network, but with maximum stops.

The steps you have to take to obtain the welcome bonus are as follows:

Download the casino software, which consists of a computer platform, and install it on your computer (although the casino also has a flash version that does not need to be installed),

Sign up for the account,

Make the payment with the methods available in your country, and after that,
The bonus will become effective upon approval by the customer support team.

It is advisable to read the terms and conditions to know more details of this excellent promotion, which are in Spanish.

To finish talking about the promotions offered by real money games in casino spinpalace , it is necessary to emphasize the loyalty club, which offers an equivalent of 10 in play for every 1,000 points obtained as prizes, even rewarding the players from the moment they are registered, the games that offer the greatest percentage of slot machines, American roulette, table poker, red dog, dice and baccaras. The interesting thing about this website is that the more points are obtained, the loyalty levels will rise to any of the existing categories, a great way to reward customers who are more loyal. The loyalty club option is in a menu option, which can be seen within the casino account.




Would you like information on how to play real money slots? If the answer is yes then you should read the whole article to the end, because here you will learn the first steps of this interesting game, the basic rules, how to install the software on the computer, the options that exist in the virtual platform, among others important data.

Slot machines , also called slot machines in some countries, emerged in the late nineteenth century in the United States, as a way of fun in the casino rooms that existed for that time. At present, they are spread all over the world and have been on the Internet for more than 15 years to date.

Slots or slots consist of machines with 5 or 6 reels with different figures (from 5 to 10), in which straight or oblique lines of the same figure must be formed to win fictitious chips or real money, depending on the modality you are Playing. The figures that you usually have to form are: straight line, crossed line, or other combined. Also available are 3 buttons on the digital board:

The max bet button: to put the most chips in a single game.

The simple bet button or sum 1: to raise 1 chip unit the bet
The play button or lever: for the drums to start spinning.

There are other options to enter the credits needed to play, or to end the game and collect the money.

In addition to these buttons, you can see the accumulated prizes and credits available to one side. It is possible that a machine slot of a real casino has rules to play sides.


Methods of Payment and Withdrawal of Money in Online Casino Game sites


The real money games in casino spinpalace , are one of the largest variety of methods of payment and withdrawal of money earned have from this market. The ones that vary according to the country where the player is, some being:
Credit or debit cards, which are the most common for most regions of the world.

Entropay, a new method that is present mainly in Europe and the United States.

Astropay, present in countries of Latin America, Europe and the US, which uses a prepaid card with funds.

Ukash, option available in Europe, especially Spain.

Skrill, present all over the world. Through a personal account, you can send and receive payments, they offer a master card debit card.

Neteller, with many options for its users, from internet banking, transfer between accounts, credit cards, etc. With presence in almost all the world.
ECO, one of the newest.

With one of these options, you can surely make the first deposits to your registered spinpalace account, start playing and placing bets. If you want to read more information about it, there are several sections of help on how to perform the payment operations.

In my personal opinion, the spinpalace website is one of the most complete, we recommend you visit their website, see the wide range of games they have created and register today to take advantage of all the promotions they offer. You can follow the following link, and click here to go.

Finally, something that draws the attention of spin palace, in addition to its large number of games, is the possibility that the player receives personalized attention through chat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call them directly in case you need help, change the type of currency you want in the system, or start enjoying the games and their large number of users available online, both in their mobile and personal computer versions.


Strategies for playing real money roulette


There is no proven strategy for highly successful results, especially in virtual roulettes, because in roulettes of real casinos, it is known that there are greater possibilities in certain numbers, due to imperfections of the table, which can be observable to simple view. For virtual roulette, it is necessary to apply a little logic, and the help of luck.

To consider certain important points:

It is not convenient to play simple bets or colors, because they really pay little, check what the payment levels are, it may not be 1 to 1, but 1 to 2, then you will be more likely to win, and it will be worth playing these levels .

Play for columns, dozens, sixes and tables, because they are those with intermediate probabilities, do it with simple bets, maybe 1 chip for odd numbers, and if you win, next time on even numbers.

Before betting, observe the trends of the last 10 bets, write them down and keep them in mind when you play.

I hope these short strategies to play roulette for real money help you, in this type of games the luck factor possibly influence 50% of the final result, the other is the level of bets you have and combinations where you include your chips.

There are different methods of payment available when playing roulette for real money , among the most popular are: skrill, paypal, ukash, credit and debit cards, wire transfers, webmoney, among others. You also have to notice which of them are available for your country, this information is visible in the website of each casino, if it does not exist, you can send a question through the contact form.

Registering at any casino on the internet is fairly straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes, remember that you have to be over 18 to play and collect the money. The information fields they usually ask for are the following: name, last name, user name, residence address, form of payment, email, welcome bonus code, among others.

I recommend that you look for websites with expert roulette players , it’s simple, you just have to find them through Google: specialized blogs, groups forums, social networks, mailing lists, etc. Here you can complement strategies and know virtual casinos where there are greater chances of winning, tricks, or others.

Generally to play roulette for real money, you have to do it from a digital platform, which consists of software install-able on computers with Windows or Apple operating system. The well-known online casinos also strive to offer users of mobile devices special applications for android or ipads, so that you can play from wherever you want.

Finally, I want to recommend a special website to play roulette for real money , due to several important reasons: it has a great reputation among its thousands of players online, easy registration, complete information in Spanish, efficient customer service, great promotions And welcome bonuses, and many tables available. I hope you are encouraged to enter low limits, where you can practice enough.