Would you like information on how to play real money slots? If the answer is yes then you should read the whole article to the end, because here you will learn the first steps of this interesting game, the basic rules, how to install the software on the computer, the options that exist in the virtual platform, among others important data.

Slot machines , also called slot machines in some countries, emerged in the late nineteenth century in the United States, as a way of fun in the casino rooms that existed for that time. At present, they are spread all over the world and have been on the Internet for more than 15 years to date.

Slots or slots consist of machines with 5 or 6 reels with different figures (from 5 to 10), in which straight or oblique lines of the same figure must be formed to win fictitious chips or real money, depending on the modality you are Playing. The figures that you usually have to form are: straight line, crossed line, or other combined. Also available are 3 buttons on the digital board:

The max bet button: to put the most chips in a single game.

The simple bet button or sum 1: to raise 1 chip unit the bet
The play button or lever: for the drums to start spinning.

There are other options to enter the credits needed to play, or to end the game and collect the money.

In addition to these buttons, you can see the accumulated prizes and credits available to one side. It is possible that a machine slot of a real casino has rules to play sides.